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Anthurium warocqueanum
Product Code: 2020080212260

This is one of the first anthuriums on anyone's wish list! The Queen Anthurium.

The beauty of some rare plants simply defy description.

The leaves of Anthurium warocqueanum can eventually grow to almost 2 meters (six feet)! The larger the leaf becomes the more pronounced the silver white veins become.

Lots of water appears to be the clue to causing this species to grow! well It is after all, a rain forest species!

This plant is highly variable and may take on many shapes, forms and patterns. This particular plant is very narrow and dark.

This plant currently has 2 leaves with a third forming. Leaf 1 is approx 27cm long with 1 small hole. Leaf 2 is approx 18cm and has fair transit damage. This damage is perfectly normal for these plants after transit.