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Thiccly Grow Poles - regular
Product Code: 2022011115929

THICCLY® GrowPole is the growing support, designed from the ground up for Aroids.

Its unique design allow Aroids to establish strong climbing roots, that will promote morphogenesis to produce “mature” leaf forms.

Its enclosed design helps hold on to moisture, and prevent runaway roots, ruining your carefully pruned plant.

The roots picks up water and nutrients close to the newest growth, helping the plant grow more vigorously.

Just click GrowPole’s clips together and a new pole is assembled. Fill with the substrate of your choice, to suit your plant and environment.

Thiccly GrowPoles can be joined together easily.

Ease of propagation

Once the roots are established in the GrowPole, simply cut away the plastic shroud and the plant below the node to get a new plant without messy moss bags/cups or risky water rooting.

Ease of watering

Traditional coco poles and moss poles repel water when dry. By being semi enclosed, simply water the top of the GrowPole and watch the water percolate down and get absorbed in the substrate.

Each pole is 59.5cm tall and 6.5cm wide.

You will receive one GrowPole which is flat packed. Simply click together and fill with moss.