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Soil Ninja - Semi hydro mix - 2.5 litre
Soil Ninja - Semi hydro mix - 2.5 litre
Product Code: 2022042616644

A revolutionary & exciting way of growing plants at home! Our semi-hydro blend supplies porous materials & detoxifying / safeguarding amendments, all to keep your hydro-born props & plants healthy, strong & happy! As with all semi-hydro growing, we recommend regular flushing of the pot to remove built up fertiliser & sediments: ensuring the best free flowing & working behaviour of these very special aggregates.

Semi Hydro Benefits:

Extremely fast root growth

Very fast water and nutrient uptake

Makes extremely fussy plants far easier to maintain

Does not require regular watering (due to the reservoir)

So where do you start? Semi-Hydro is a completely different way of looking after your plants so if it’s your first time using Semi-Hydro Mix, don’t forget to check out the Soil Ninja Complete Guide before you start.

Semi-Hydro mediums may also be known as: Hydroponics, Pon, Semi Hydroponics