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Philodendron nangaritense
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The river where this species was originally discovered runs close to the border with Peru and the Philodendron appears to be endemic (exclusively found) only in that valley.

Philodendron nangaritense produces ovate, slightly round light green leaves that are reported to exceed 60cm (two feet) in width in the wild. The leaves are only slightly glossy and somewhat thin and quite fragile. The undersides are matte.

The most distinctive portion of the species is the extraordinary petiole. The petioles emerge a rich red and are covered with small hard tubercles that make the petiole appear fuzzy. New leaves also unfurl from each side of the blade and exhibit a red petiole as they unfurl. The exquisite contrast between the green of the leaf and the red petiole is stunning and makes this species an unusual addition to any collection.

This is a large plant. The odd mark on the latest leaf from lack of airflow however this is barely noticeable.