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Mother PlantSpectrum 16w LED lights
Product Code: 2023070719631

PlantSpectrum modules are waterproof IP65 full-spectrum growlights

A disc for vertical placement is included as well as 2 sliders with zip ties for easy fixture into growth racks.

Full-spectrum, just like sunlight.

PlantSpectrum emits all wavelengths that contribute to plant growth. Guarantee results at every stage of growth, for every type of plant.

Endless mounting options with 2 included as standard.

IP65 dust- and waterproof housing.

Infinitely upgradable and replaceable LED board.

4 Year warranty on LED board.

Sustainable lighting design is all about smart and effective passive cooling. PlantSpectrum’s aluminium housing prevents the LED chips from overheating. This in contrast to plastic housings where the heat remains inside and generates bubbles on the phosphor layer of the LED chips and damages the LED’s irreversibly.

After 10 years of intense use, you can replace the LED board without having to throw away the light module or having to buy a new light module. This offers maximum return on investment.

Length 16" / 40cm


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