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Nurture System No1 - PowerGrow Houseplant fertiliser
Nurture System No1 - PowerGrow Houseplant fertiliser
Product Code: 2024052124030

PowerGrow by NurtureSystem provides everything you need to achieve healthy, luscious growth for your tropical houseplants.

PowerGrow is well-suited to Monstera, Philodendron, Syngonium, Epipremnum, Alocasia, Anthurium and many more aroid varieties, in addition to your other houseplants.

Special features include:

B Vitamins which reduce stress: useful when repotting or stabilising an imported plant from overseas.

Adaptive to different forms of potting media such as soil, semi-hydroponic media such as Leca, or moss.

Can also be used as a foliar feed

A wetting agent that helps to keep potting media from drying out; particularly useful for semi-hydroponic media. Increases nutrient penetration into soil media.

Additional Fulvic and Humic acid for increased nutrient uptake

Increased levels of Calcium and Magnesium: particularly beneficial for Anthurium plants.

PowerGrow is a 500ml pouch that comes with a measuring cap.

Please note that a £2 postage refund will be made if this is the only item on your order.


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